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act xxxxx ( permissions post )

4th Wall Breaking: Allowed to a certain degree! Feel free to mention it vaguely, but please ask me first before anything deeper.
Threadjacking: Go ahead!
Back Threading: Feel free.

Mind Reading: He may be immune to mind reading and mind control. Ask me first. Location Sensing: Y!
Telepathy: He'll probably be surprised at first, but he doesn't have defenses against it.
Fighting Capabilities: Please check his application for in-depth info! Generally he's an expert at martial arts, and is capable of using chi. He's not the type of person who would pick up a fight, but he would start one if necessary. Try not to anger him, it has fatal consequences.

Injury: Hakkai's used to injury, and it is somewhat inevitable with his lifestyle, so go ahead.
Death: Ask me first before any death plots so we can discuss it.
Medical/Physical Info: He has an artificial right eye and a large scar above his stomach.

Romance/Relationships: He's currently not looking for anything serious or even a one-night stand. That's Gojyo's job. He's moving on from his previous heartbreak, but he's not ready to look for another relationship yet. Minds change though, so if you have anything in mind, go ahead and tell me and maybe we can talk about it!
Sexual Relations: See above. Hakkai's not the type to sleep around. If you try to rape him, you mind end up dying, so kindly ask me first before anything else.
Physical Contact: He doesn't mind slight physical contact, such shaking hands and stuff, but more intimate notions would end up being more awkward, especially if unannounced. Feel free to, but don't expect him to be happy about it.