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act xx (character application)


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Name: Cho Hakkai
Fandom: Saiyuki
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Time Period: Post-Reload Manga
Wing Color: Forest Green
History: Wikia Link

Personality: Among a group of rash, brutal and aggressive young men, Hakkai sticks out like a sore thumb. His traits are nothing like his companions - he is a very nice and rather friendly young man with a nice smile. He is usually the one who talks to strangers in their journey, being the only one with the sufficient politeness to do so, and as such he does most of the talking towards innkeepers and shopkeepers. Whenever someone needs to talk to them for some reason, such as requiring the help of the great Sanzo-ikkou, it is he and not the leader of the party who responds.

Hakkai’s not all smiles and sparkles though – in fact, he can be pretty mean to his friends. He is someone who has a pretty sharp tongue, and he’s not afraid to use it against anyone, especially when his companions are making too much of a ruckus. When times come that even the mild-manned Hakkai couldn’t take their noise any longer, he would often insult and threaten them in his own passive-aggressive way – all with his trademark little smile. He is also one of the very few people who can trash-talk Sanzo and live to tell the tale, and that thought alone scares their other companions.

There are times, however, when his smile drops and gives way into a frown – and it’s a scary sight, because Hakkai only gets angry when he’s really angry, and he’s not one to give mercy that easily. Beyond all his mannerisms is a darker and far more menacing side to Hakkai. He is usually unforgiving, and very cruel, especially those who would harm his closest friends. He wouldn’t hesitate to end any of their lives – or even do something far worse. Nowadays he tends to keep his temper and control in check, but it doesn’t mean he would be gentle with anyone who pushes his buttons.

He’s not all innately bad, though. Towards the better side of the population Hakkai really is kind and good. His actions of charity are sincere, and he would not dare ignore anyone he sees that requires help. A long time ago Hakkai had a masochistic streak, getting himself in danger to atone for all his past sins, and somehow help everyone around him, but he knows better now. He will not stop with his heroic acts, but he won’t just throw his life away, because he knows how much the others still need him. He can’t change anything once he’s dead.

And besides, no one else on their team could clean and cook, and that alone halts any of his suicidal tendencies.

He’s quite aware of his grim past, and while he prefers not to talk about it, Hakkai has accepted of what he became – a sinner, drunk in his own pride, massacred multitudes of people for the sake of revenge. As punishment, he was now given the form of the monsters who took away his lover: the form he hated the most. He regrets nothing of his past actions, but he is willing to take responsibility, and it is because of this that he has been given a second chance, under a different name. He’s willing to pull a stunt like that again, if not for two reasons – one, because repeating his past actions would betray the very trust that was given to him, and two, because he knows that his friends wouldn’t want him to do it, even if it’s for their own sakes. He knew he can’t go back to a perfectly normal life again, but he knew he could change things for the better – starting by forgiving himself from being unable to save Kannan, and by extension, the youkai race. After all, not all of them are the same, just like humans themselves.

During their journeys, he has learned the importance of pride and freedom: if there is something he needs to do, it would be for his own will and desire – embrace nothing, a worldly priest once said to him, and Hakkai knew that is sound advice. Sure, they are saving the world, but they’re also doing this because they want to. It is with this confidence that Hakkai finally knows to raise his head up again, and to be proud that he is among the living.


Hakkai is considered to be powerful even amongst youkai: this is not because of brute strength, but rather because of his own unique skills. Hakkai’s weapon of choice (other than his smile) is his own chi, his energy. With enough concentration it is possible for it to be manipulated both offensively and defensively. Hakkai has three favoured moves with chi – the first is to simply throw a chi blast against opponents, causing enough damage to severely wound them. It’s quite similar to that famous move in Street Fighter. Secondly, he is capable of forming a chi barrier large enough to cover a small group of people. Attacks can’t pass through it, but stronger attacks require more chi to block them. Finally, he may use chi to heal wounds and other kinds of physical injuries, although it proves useless against poisonous substances and the like.

Without limiters, Hakkai is capable of barely surviving against Seiten Taisei – he is stronger, faster, and his chi manipulation is more effective. In this form, vine-like markings appear all over his body, which can be utilized. These vines may move to any material object it touches, serving as an unbreakable bind. The vines are also capable of conducting electricity. Of course, all of these are under Luceti’s power cap: his stats are weaker, and his vines have a shorter range.

He is shown to be physically capable even without the use of any supernatural powers – he was quite known for attacking hundreds of humans and youkai armed with nothing but a kitchen knife when he was human. His fighting style shows that he is well trained in martial arts: when he’s not blasting off foes, he’s bashing them with his elbow.

He also possesses a high tolerance for alcohol – so high, in fact, that he has never been shown to be drunk, even after emptying large bottles of liquor all by himself.

Academically, Hakkai is a genius – he was granted a scholarship to enter college at the age of 15, where he studied physics and theology. His high grades may be from a love of studying rather than just raw talent, considering he takes the weirdest of courses (such as lockpicking) just to spend his time. This, combined with a natural understanding towards children, gave him enough credentials to be a teacher.

He also has a good amount of practical knowledge: as he is the team’s best driver, he is also in charge of analyzing maps and calculating their best route. He is also capable of cooking a whole variety of dishes (and according to Goku, they taste pretty good).

During battle he is capable of using his intellects to his advantage – he usually keeps his calm even in the most dire of situations, and often tries to win his way with battle strategies and tactics. His sharp tongue has also proved to be a handy weapon, especially against hot-tempered opponents.

He is quick to observe behaviour, capable of noticing the subtlest of signs closer friends make. Often he would read the situation and take advantage of it, if necessary – such as using Sanzo’s name to get rooms for the night. Yes, he’s a sneaky bastard.

Also, he has yet to lose a single poker match. His closest rival is some priest named Hazel, who keeps on tying against him.

Control might as well be Hakkai’s middle name. He has a cool temper, in most situations, and it is this calm demeanour that helps him get by and survive hoards and hoards of enemies. While most of the team would just go on and charge ahead, Hakkai would go on and search for possible weak points. He is not one who would let the smallest of details get pass him, and as such most traps are useless against him.

Hakkai is also a loyal and caring companion – he would never dare to betray his companions, and if he is forced to, he’d rather go bite his tongue and die. And yet, Hakkai vows never to die that easily, as he knows how much it shall hurt his closest friends when it does. On his better days, Hakkai is kind, willing to help others should they need it. Towards strangers he is polite and helpful, and to younger people he gives sound advice. Hakkai knows how it feels to protect and be protected, and his words on it prove inspiring, helping other grow and get stronger.

However, there is something far more important to him, and that is his own free will. Hakkai lives for himself and his own pride, and he does his best to keep all of it intact, by cherishing the ones he loves most. This is a strong and unbreakable will that mind control cannot bend.


The downside to using chi is that Hakkai must always use his own energy to form his attacks, and thus each move weakens him to the point of exhaustion, fainting, or even death. Similarly, Hakkai cannot use chi to heal his own wounds – regular first aid would have to do for him. Chi can be replenished with enough food and rest, but it can be prove troublesome if one is still stuck in a danger zone. Furthermore, his stats aren’t as strong as one might think – his endurance proves to be weaker compared to the others, and even in his true form he has no chance of defeating someone as strong as the Seiten Taisei.

In his body Hakkai has two weak points – one, a scar right across his stomach, caused by a painful incident four years ago. Hitting it not only causes his physical trauma, but emotional trauma as well. His other weak point is his right eye: it’s artificial, and he can see through it, but his vision with that eye isn’t as clear as the other one, and so he needs his monocle to guide its vision.

There is a reason why Hakkai seldom removes his limiters. In all events where he did, he often warns a nearby companion not to get close to him, as he might lose control. And indeed, the end result of almost all of these situations was a bloody macabre mess with pieces of meat strewn around. It might be because he hardly takes his limiters off even before the entire incident that Hakkai doesn’t know his own strength in this form, or it might be that his darker and more aggressive side being less easy to restrain with all his shackles free. One thing’s for sure – Hakkai tends to do overkill in this form, and sometimes his friends do not come out from it being better.

At times, Hakkai has the tendency to think too much, which leads to overanalyzing things. Sometimes his deductions will be incorrect, and sometimes it can deal great stress towards him. More than once Hakkai has wondered whether or not he deserves being here, or if he did the right thing. His companions often say the same thing towards him – shut up, you’re being stupid.

Sometimes there are instances where Hakkai proves to be too sacrificing for his friends’ tastes. He doesn’t want to lose anyone important to him anymore, and so in his desire to protect them, he would end up getting injured in the process, and they don’t really appreciate his efforts for heroism. He knows he shouldn’t die, but his pride doesn’t mind a few major injuries here and there – except his friends would always feel bad, because they don’t want to see Hakkai to hurt that much, either. Losing also affects him, and often he would put the blame of defeat towards himself.

And there are those rare times where Hakkai’s control snaps – and usually it isn’t pretty. An enraged Hakkai throws rationality off the window, and it often does more harm than good. By then his line of thinking leaves him vulnerable to smarter moves, and even then he would continue to go on, harming himself further. Sometimes, he would refuse to listen to his friends, and in worse bouts of anger he might end up harming them if they are in his way. He takes grudges seriously and he would make sure that whoever pushed his buttons would get what they deserved.

His past as Cho Gonou is a touchy subject, and he would drop down his guard whenever something appears that reminds him of those incidents. As such, he is more irritable when it rains, and he becomes more protective towards anyone who reminds him of Kannan.


First Person:
[ The recording is from a young man. His voice is formal, yet warm. Clearly this man knows how to make a good first impression. ]

To be honest, this is the first time I saw a device like this. Communication devices are rare in our world, you see, and most of them don’t look like journals. But I have to say, it’s quite a nice touch.

Ah, I’m afraid I still have to introduce myself: my name is Cho Hakkai. I’ve been travelling for about a year with three companions, and while we do often get sidetracked, being kidnapped for experiments and wings is a first for me – not that I’m quite fond of this current situation. [ There is distant sigh, as if one was exasperated. ]

I’ve managed to read the guide, so thankfully most of my questions have been answered. However, I might need some help in finding for my friends. As I have said earlier, I was with three other people before I ended up here – a stern man with golden hair, another man with long red hair who smokes a lot, and an energetic young boy with a diadem around his forehead. I know that not everybody ends up here at the same time but just in case. If they’re around, can you tell me where I might find them? Thank you.

[ There was a small pause before he speaks again – this time he’s stifling a chuckle, although he also managed to somewhat sound apologetic. ]

Oh, and, one more thing: if they are here, and they have troubled you in any way, I apologize for their behaviour in advance.

Third Person:
He woke up to the sound of the rain.

Confusion was his first thought – why would there be rain, considering that they had just crossed a desert a moment ago? Had the effects of the Minus Wave been so severe it now warps even the simplest rules of weather? As Hakkai brought himself up, a sharp pain shoots across his back. He let out a small hiss in surprise – it didn’t feel like it was a wound though. When he reached his back, he felt the gentle caress of feathers.

Feathers... What?

When he opened his eyes, he knew that there was something deeply wrong.

It was rare for the Sanzo-ikkou to be kidnapped, even in their sleep – heck, one would be lucky to even land a successful ambush among them. They’ve been living in the brink of danger for a year now, and Hakkai knew that not one of them would dare let his guard down, risking death from one of Gyuumaoh’s assassins. And yet, he didn’t even notice that he was sent here, separated from his companions. Moving them without him noticing was a feat in itself, but they even managed to change his clothes and give him a pair of wings! Thank God they didn’t remove his monocle – or worse, his limiters – but still, they managed to do this much.

The entire experience was unnerving, but Hakkai knew he shouldn’t spend his time wondering. Shelter should be his first priority. The situation in itself was bad enough, but it had to happen while it was raining.

It was then he noticed several items beside him. His clothes were right beside him folded and put up together in a neat little square. It was a small comfort in itself: he was quite fond of them, and now he doesn’t need to look any further. Nearby was a journal, but Hakkai didn’t recognize it to be his – A gift, perhaps, from his own abductors? However, when he opened it, it didn’t look like a regular journal at all. He would have to check more on it later.

He looked around and saw a forest, with trees sprouting here and there – a sight that is obviously too far from the edges of the dry desert. Nearby was a quaint little village, and it looks like it was inhabited. It would make a good starting point, Hakkai noted. He should go there and ask around, right after he figures out how to fit these wings underneath his clothes.

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