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2022-01-09 11:44 am

act xxx ( contact | how's my driving? )

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2012-01-28 01:34 pm


 [ Hakkai hasn't been around for a long while, but he was quite sure the rate of incoming newcomers trickle down after the first wave of New Feathers come in. It's different this time - why are there so many people around?

He'll just wander here and there, maybe lending a hand or two to anyone who needs it. Go ahead and bother him? ]
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2012-01-09 11:59 am

act xxxx ( appointment post )

IC Post for all those little encounters! When making a post, please put the date on the subject line, as well as the form of communication (ie Written, Action, etc.) For example:

( action | september 21 )
( voice | october 3 )
( written | may 5 )

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2012-01-09 11:26 am

act 01 ( voice / action )

[ The recording is from a young man. His voice is formal, yet warm. Clearly this man knows how to make a good first impression. ]

To be honest, this is the first time I saw a device like this. Communication devices are rare in our world, you see, and most of them don’t look like journals. But I have to say, it’s quite a nice touch.

Ah, I’m afraid I still have to introduce myself: my name is Cho Hakkai. I’ve been travelling for about a year with three companions, and while we do often get sidetracked, being kidnapped for experiments and wings is a first for me – not that I’m quite fond of this current situation. [ There is distant sigh, as if one was exasperated. ]

I’ve managed to read the guide, so thankfully most of my questions have been answered. However, I might need some help in finding for my friends. As I have said earlier, I was with three other people before I ended up here – a stern man with golden hair, another man with long antennae who smokes a lot, and an energetic young boy with a diadem around his forehead. I know that not everybody ends up here at the same time but just in case. If they’re around, can you tell me where I might find them? Thank you.

[ There was a small pause before he speaks again – this time he’s stifling a chuckle, although he also managed to somewhat sound apologetic. ]
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2012-01-02 08:10 pm

act xx (character application)


Name: Ryua
Livejournal Username: [personal profile] skyscraperglass
E-mail: novariscatia[at]hotmail[dot]com
AIM/MSN: see email (MSN) | skyscraperglass (AIM)
Current Characters at Luceti: N/A


Name: Cho Hakkai
Fandom: Saiyuki
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Time Period: Post-Reload Manga
Wing Color: Forest Green
History: Wikia Link

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2011-12-28 09:02 pm

act x (character relationships)

If I forgot you somewhere, just drop off a comment, and I'll add you soon enough.
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